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Check Out These Famous and Expensive Autographs

Autographs, like stamps and coins, are valuable pieces of any collection. However, there are certain autographs that are valued above all others. These items, such as those signed by former American ...
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What Are the Basics of a Stamp Collection?

Your stamp collection may not start with rare stamps, but you could soon find yourself with plenty of stamps to choose from. The basics of a stamp collection involve the tools you will need and a ...
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Look at the World's First Autograph

People have been signing their names to their creations for thousands of years. The idea of collectible autographs, though, is a relatively new idea. However, there are certain autographs that are as ...
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How to Encourage Your Children to Collect Coins

Encouraging your children to collect coins can help give them patience and dedication, and it can help with their math and history skills. If you have been looking for a new hobby your children can ...
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Learn More About a Titanic Victim's Famous Coin

One of the amazing attributes of coin collecting is learning about a coin’s history. Whether a coin is hundreds of years old or only a few decades, it likely has a lot of history attached to it. ...
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What Makes a Stamp Collectable?

Many people think they know what makes something a collectable, whether it be stamps, coins, or memorabilia. While there are certain factors, such as an item’s rarity, that influence whether it ...
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The Best Ways to Store Your Coin Collection

When you begin collecting coins, you must keep them protected correctly. Coins can degrade, rust, or become lost if they are not handled correctly with the right coin collecting tools. Continue ...
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Spotlight on the 10% Solution

Once you begin looking for the appropriate sources to sell your coin or stamp collection, chances are that you will find the high fees many companies demand as part of your sale. Instead of paying ...
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How Collectible Coins Are Made

Coins in circulation and collectible coins issued by the United States Mint are made in much the same way. Sterling silver is melted down and cast into long bars. From there, the bars are cut, ...
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How to Expand Your Stamp Collection

There are many ways to expand your stamp collection, such as working closely with established stamp collectors. Expanding a stamp collection can be a long, though rewarding process once you determine ...
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Estate Appraisal Services from Coins of the Realm

Often, a relative may be left with an extensive stamp or coin collection as an heirloom; or someone with a large estate may want a formal document of the estate’s value. Coins of the Realm has ...
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Finding Rare Coins

If you have the opportunity to learn more about rare coins and coin collecting, you will have found an exciting new hobby. Finding coins, particularly when they are especially rare or valuable can ...
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A Look at the American Eagle Coin Program

When looking for coins to add to a collection, look to the United States’ American Eagle Coin Program. This program has been in effect for 30 years, and it produces popular gold and silver ...
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Up Close with the World's Rarest Stamps

When you are a philatelist, also known as a collector of stamps, you are always on the lookout for rare and special stamps. Some on your list might include the following stamps, which have gained fame ...
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How to Display Your Collectible Coins

There are various ways to display your collectible coins. Choosing one showcase over another depends on certain factors, such as the size of your collection and the fragility of your coins. Here are a ...
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Gifts to Give the Coin Collector in Your Life

If you have an avid collector of coins near and dear to your heart, then you already know the perfect place to look for gifts. There are many gifts that can excite even the most experienced of coin ...
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Favorite Coins of U.S. Mint Employees

Coin collecting is more than a hobby for some people; for some, coins represent a moment in history or a personal memory or connection. Coins, whether they are collectibles or not, will always have a ...
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What Makes Some Coins More Valuable Than Others?

Many people just beginning their adventures in coin collecting may not understand why some coins bring in more interest over other coins. Collecting of any kind can come down to a few different ...
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The Presidential Past of Stamp Collecting

One of the most famous presidents in United States’ history was an avid stamp collector. His passion for stamps greatly influenced the way stamps were designed and produced in his lifetime. ...
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Inspiring Your Children to Embrace Stamp Collecting

Stamp collecting may seem like a hobby from the past, but there are a few ways to bring this fun activity into the future. Continue reading for some easy ways that will inspire your children to start ...
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Determining the Value of Autographs

When you have a famous person’s autograph, chances are that it will go for a significant sum. However, similar to the values of stamps and coins, there are a few ways that an appraiser will ...
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Which Postage Stamps Are Most Prized by Collectors?

There are rare stamps in the world, and then there are those often unseen gems that are highly prized by stamp collectors. These stamps are filled with rich histories that detail their origins, as ...
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Tips for Maintaining the Value of Your Coin Collection

You have spent the time and money building up your coin collection; don’t let it go to waste with improper handling. To keep your coins in great condition, read on for a few tips. Store Your ...
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Hear Stamp Collectors Explain What Motivates Them

There are several reasons collectors engage in stamp collecting. Every reason is personal to the collector, but many look at collecting rare stamps as a treasure hunt, of sorts. They have the ...
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Collecting Colonial Paper Money

Colonial paper money is an untapped part of the collectible market. It is not highly publicized, nor is it very popular like stamp or coin collecting. However, t his lack of widespread interest does ...
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