Gifts to Give the Coin Collector in Your Life

If you have an avid collector of coins near and dear to your heart, then you already know the perfect place to look for gifts. There are many gifts that can excite even the most experienced of coin collectors, from tickets to a coin show to a simple coin holder.

Gifts from the United States Mint

Why not give your coin collector an official gift from the U.S. Mint? There are many gift sets to commemorate birthdays, holidays, graduations, and the birth of a baby.

Coin Show Tickets

Coin shows can often be found in major cities around the country, and they are a dream come true for many coin collectors. They can go to their nearest coin show to find like-minded collectors, dealers, and a variety of collectibles they might be interested in. Tickets are usually inexpensive, and they will be a big hit for your friend or family member.

Membership to the American Numismatic Association

The American Numismatic Association, or ANA, has been the leading group in United States coin collecting since 1891. Purchasing an ANA membership will provide monthly issues of The Numismatists, admission to various educational programs, and free admission to the National Money Show.

Coin Book or Magazine

There are numerous coin books and magazines that can aid anyone in coin collecting from the beginner to the advanced coin collector. These books and magazines detail various prices, history, and ownership of thousands of coins around the United States and the world.

Magnifiers or Coin Holders

Every coin collector can always use these helpful tools in their collection. Magnifiers and coin holders are the backbone to any good coin collection. Magnifiers come with different lenses to aid in examining coins with the most intricate details.

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