What Makes Some Coins More Valuable Than Others?

Many people just beginning their adventures in coin collecting may not understand why some coins bring in more interest over other coins. Collecting of any kind can come down to a few different factors that help determine a collectible’s value.

The Condition of the Coin

An important determining factor in a coin’s value comes from its condition, also called grade. Coins are typically graded through a scale of 1-70. The closer a coin’s grade is to 70, then the more valuable it will be. Many collectors and appraisers will grade a coin by various means. Typically, they will look for the shine and color of a coin, as well as any damage that might have occurred to it. Some amateur coin collectors may think they need to clean coins to improve its grade. This is a mistake. Often, some coins will actually degrade in value if they have been noticeably cleaned or altered.

The Market Demands

Any sort of sellable item is only as good as its demand. A coin or stamp is not monetarily valuable unless someone wants it. Due to market demands, coin values can fluctuate over time or due to world or political events. For example, many collectible coins may have been initially deemed undesirable because of a defect or flaw in the metal composition. Over the years, though, these coins become valued by collectors because they are different from everything else in their collections.

The Coin’s Rareness

The rarity of any collectible will almost always be reflected in its value. Rare coins are very popular among collectors because they are incredibly difficult to get find. The harder a coin is to find, the more valuable it becomes. No matter the market demands, if a coin is rare, most collectors will pay top dollar for it.

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