What Are the Basics of a Stamp Collection?

Your stamp collection may not start with rare stamps, but you could soon find yourself with plenty of stamps to choose from. The basics of a stamp collection involve the tools you will need and a decision on the type of stamp you wish to collect. Here is a closer look at the basics of a stamp collection:

Decide Your Type

There are countless types of stamps ranging from foreign stamps to those rare prints with errors. You may have already found a stamp or type of stamp that peaked your interest. There are various resources, such as fellow stamp collectors or books, to help you locate other stamps within a specific type. You can focus your stamp collection on a type, such as stamps from China or from an historical era. Once you complete your collection, you may choose to start a new one with a different type.

Purchase the Supplies

Various supplies can aid you during your stamp collecting quest. You may prefer a large book with plastic-covered pockets to hold each stamp; or you may like small pockets that can be placed into index drawers. In addition to these necessary supplies, you could use specialty tools like a magnifying glass and tweezers. These tools can help you to handle and examine your stamps in the correct manner.

Start Your Collection

Once you have the basic tools of stamp collecting, you can start searching for stamps to add. Use all the resources available to you to begin and expand your collection. Your local coin and stamp dealer can help you find stamps or put you in contact with nearby stamp dealers. You may also wish to ask your friends and family to save their stamps to add to your collection.

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