A Look at the Most Valuable Stamps in the World

If you’ve been collecting rare stamps in Rockville, Md., for years, you might possess a valuable piece. As you look through your albums of collectible stamps, consider whether their stories are as unique as the world’s seven most valuable stamps.

The British Penny Red

Only nine of these stamps exist worldwide and they’re each worth well into the six figures. The British Post Office destroyed the low-quality printing plate, but not before one sheet made its way to the public.

The Penny Black

This well-known and memorable stamp is the first ever issued worldwide, giving it a value well into five figures. Another attractive aspect is that its price has continued to increase for decades.

The British Guiana 1 Cent Magenta

This is the most unique known stamp worldwide, as there is just one left. Because there was a shipping delay, a local postmaster created a collection of stamps for U.S. colonists. At auction in New York, this stamp fetched a handsome $9.5 million.

The Inverted Jenny

This recalled stamp was created in America of the stunt airplane named, you got it, Jenny. While it might look whimsical and fun to us today, the printers were not amused that it was printed upside-down.

The Tyrian Plum

This stamp depicting King Edward VII was released on the day he died, leading the British Post Office to immediately withdraw it from the marketplace. A small number did make it into circulation and today have a value in the low six figures.

The Roses Error

This modern stamp was issued in 1978 in Britain, at an original worth of 13 pence per stamp. The price was mysteriously not printed and only three made it into circulation. The queen of England owns two and another is owned by a private collector.

The Whole Country is Red

Chairman Mao commissioned this modern stamp to show the full reach of Communism across China. An error by the designer left Taiwan in white and led to an immediate recall.

If you’re curious about the value of a stamp you own, especially if you see an obvious but potentially valuable error on it, contact us at the Coins of the Realm at (301) 340-1640. Someone else’s mistake might be your fortune.

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