Where to Start When It Comes to Stamp Collecting

Stamp collecting is both a fun hobby and a valuable investment in your future. Collectible stamps and rare stamps are often worth quite a bit of money if you can find the right buyer. Here is a simple guide to where to start when it comes to stamp collecting.

Tools You Will Need

There are no tools that are absolutely required for stamp collecting, but there are some that will make working with stamps easier. You can use stamp tongs to protect your stamps from the dirt and oil on your fingers. You can use a magnifying glass to identify tiny details in stamps. A perforation gauge is useful for measuring stamp perforations. Watermark fluid and a tray can help you identify security patterns in the stamp paper. You will also want albums, hinges, and mounts for storing and protecting your rare stamps.

Determining Which Stamps to Collect

When you first begin collecting stamps, it helps to have a general focus so that you won’t feel overwhelmed searching for new stamps for your collection. You can focus on rare stamps, worldwide stamps, or stamps that feature a particular design, such as birds, dogs, famous people in history, etc. Some people choose to only collect rare stamps from one particular country. You should choose a focus that is interesting and exciting to you, as that will fuel your passion for stamp collecting.

Where to Get Collectible Stamps

Where you get your stamps depends upon what types of stamps you are collecting. You can get stamps from your mail, the local post office, rare stamp dealers, local stamp clubs, and rare stamp shows. If you are just collecting stamps as a hobby, the mail and your local post office are the least expensive sources for stamps.

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