Inspiring Your Children to Embrace Stamp Collecting

Stamp collecting may seem like a hobby from the past, but there are a few ways to bring this fun activity into the future. Continue reading for some easy ways that will inspire your children to start collecting stamps.

Make It an Adventure

Every kid has heard tales about treasure chests and quests filled with heroes. Though there may not be a chest filled with gold, your kids can still enjoy an adventure in stamp collecting. Many collectors enjoy the thrill of searching down rare and hard-to-find stamps. Your children can join that adventure and experience the thrill for themselves. Once they learn the history and the value of stamp collecting, they can start searching for stamps to add to their own collection.

Make It a Competition

Part of the joy found in stamp collecting comes from the friendly rivalries collectors have with each other. Stamp collectors around the world often communicate and try to outbid each other for stamps. These same collectors also become lifelong friends and help each other find treasured stamps to complete their collections.

If you would like to get your children in on the action, try to make stamp collecting a competition or game. They may race to find a particular stamp. You can even turn research into a fun competition—the first one to find a stamp’s value or history wins the game.

Bring Out Their Artistic Side

Though stamps should be kept in special folders or stamp pockets, your children can still decorate or design a collecting folder. This is another way to get them involved in collectible stamps. They can make a scrap book of their stamps and the adventures they went on trying to procure them. This will help get them involved and help them enjoy the experience.

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