Tips for Maintaining the Value of Your Coin Collection

You have spent the time and money building up your coin collection; don’t let it go to waste with improper handling. To keep your coins in great condition, read on for a few tips.

Store Your Collection

Storing your coins—or any other collectibles—properly is going to be integral for maintaining the value of each item. Not many people will pay money for a rare coin that was left to degrade when it could have been easily stored. Depending on what kind of coins you are storing, there are various methods you can use. From binders and folders to air tight containers, you have several options for protecting your coins. Research the value and type of coin that you have to be sure you are purchasing the proper storage device.

Catalog Each Item

A true coin collection is incomplete without a good inventory list. The inventory list, or catalog, will typically have the year of the coin, the mint mark, denomination, and the country the coin came from. There are further details you should provide, if you are able to. These details would include notes on the coin’s condition and if and when the value has changed. With a detailed catalog, you will know exactly what coins you have, as well as any value they retain. This will come in handy should you ever try to sell or insure the collection or a coin.

Don’t Clean Your Collection

While some collectibles are only desirable if they have been cleaned and updated, this is not the case with a coin collection. Coin dealers actually prefer coins that have a natural color to them, rather than an artificial shine. If they receive a coin that has been preserved the right way, and it looks clean and shiny because of preservation, then they will gladly accept it. Otherwise, do not clean your coins, no matter how dirty they look.

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