Which Postage Stamps Are Most Prized by Collectors?

There are rare stamps in the world, and then there are those often unseen gems that are highly prized by stamp collectors. These stamps are filled with rich histories that detail their origins, as well as comment on events in the world at the time they were printed. Here are some of the most popular types of stamps among collectors, which you might seek out for your own collection.

Stamps with Rare Defects

Often collectibles are prized because they have a defect of some sort. There may only be a handful of any given defective item in circulation, and that makes it even more popular. Two of the most valued stamps are called the Roses Error and the Inverted Jenny, both valued at almost $200,000 apiece. The Roses Error is a British stamp that was accidentally printed without the price (13p). The Inverted Jenny is an American stamp featuring a stunt plane on it. The plane was printed upside down, and it had to be recalled.

Original Issue Stamps

If you have the rare luck of finding an original issue of a stamp, especially when stamps were first created and entering circulation, you have found a true gem. Stamps with the British Queen Victoria on them are popular because she was the ruler when postage stamps were invented in 1840. The Penny Black is the world’s first stamp, and, thus, very popular among stamp collectors. Stamps from the original American colonies and the beginning of America are also considered rare and popular.

Foreign Stamps

Stamps from China and India tend to be very popular among stamps collectors. The Chinese leader, Chairman Mao, banned stamp collecting decades ago. There has been a huge surge in collecting Chinese stamps in other nations ever since. Stamps of Colonial India are very popular for their rarity, as well. If you happen to find a stamp from either of these countries, you should consider meeting with a stamp appraiser.

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