What Are the Most Valuable Pieces of Currency in the World?

Cold, hard cash may be giving way to plastic cards and online shopping, but that doesn’t mean it can’t command a rare price every once in a while. There are many rare coins and bills from around the world that pack a several-million-dollar punch, and many come from the United States.

Double Eagle Coins

Have you ever seen or heard of a $20 denomination gold coin? Probably not, as they were last made in the 1930s. The coins, called Double Eagle coins, were made by the United States Mint from 1849 to 1933. Some of the coins were printed with the surface emblems raised so high they couldn’t be stacked well, so they were taken out of circulation. Some of these rare $20 coins are worth millions today.

$100,000 Bill

Many people have seen the dollar bills with Presidents Washington, Lincoln, and Jackson’s likeness in the center, but have you seen President Woodrow Wilson’s face on any? Ever seen a $100,000 bill? The highest denomination bill the United States ever made were used as fund transfers between banks. With money transferred electronically, these bills aren’t used anymore, but they are still worth their printed price in addition to their rarity, which makes their overall value quite high.

Liberty Head Nickel

There are only five known 1913 Liberty Head nickels in existence. These were the last unofficial coins made before the United States Mint went with the Buffalo nickel over the Liberty Head nickels. It’s unknown how they came to be, but soon they became legitimate collectibles and considered very valuable.

Ides of March Coin

Coins, and their rarity, are not new to the 19 th or 20 th century. A rare denarius—the name for a Roman coin—depicts the famous assassination of the would-be Roman emperor, Julius Caesar. The coin was minted over 2,000 years ago to commemorate Caesar’s assassination on the “Ides of March,” or March 15, 44 B.C.

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