The Best Ways to Store Your Coin Collection

When you begin collecting coins, you must keep them protected correctly. Coins can degrade, rust, or become lost if they are not handled correctly with the right coin collecting tools. Continue reading for a look at the best ways to store your coin collection.

Moderate Climates

Whether your coins are kept in specific packaging or you have them in a box, make sure the coins are kept out of a damp area. Coins can rust, tarnish, and degrade if they are exposed to excessive moisture. Keep your coins out of your basement or areas that have been known to flood. This will help maintain their look and condition.

Coin-Specific Packaging

There are several types of coin collecting resources that will protect your most cherished coin. Which one you choose may depend on the value of your collection or a rare coin, and how you wish to store your coins long-term. The most familiar type of coin storage would probably be coin books with various coin holes cut out of each sheet. While these are very common, they must be handled with care to avoid contaminants in the air degrading the coins. You may also prefer individual coin bags or boxes to hold your coins. If you choose either of these options, ensure you have the necessary space and storage device to carry a number of these bags and boxes.

Safety Deposit Box

Depending on how expensive or sentimentally valuable your coin collection is, you may choose to store it in a safety deposit box at your bank. As long as the climate conditions are ideal, your coin collection should be safe. However, read the contract carefully. Some banks may not cover the cost if the collection is lost or damaged. The same may apply to your homeowner’s insurance as well. Look into specialty policies for extra coverage.

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