How to Expand Your Stamp Collection

There are many ways to expand your stamp collection, such as working closely with established stamp collectors. Expanding a stamp collection can be a long, though rewarding process once you determine exactly where you want your collection to end up. Here’s a look at where to start when you want to expand your collection.

Establish an End Goal

Once you decide to seriously focus on stamp collecting, you should establish an end goal or a set of goals. There are several goals a collector can set, such as completing an album, collecting all of a specific state or country’s stamps, or finding rare stamps. After you have established your overall goal, or one of your goals, you can focus your stamp collecting to reflect your next goal. This can help determine where to look, collectors to contact, and stamps to purchase.

Ask Family, Friends, and Businesses

When you choose to expand your stamp collection, you will employ many of the same tactics as you did when you chose to start your collection. The quickest way to expand your collection is to start asking those closest to you if you can have their stamps. Your family and friends will be the easiest to approach, but you should also consider asking local businesses if they would save stamps for your collection. You may end up with many of the same stamp, but it can help when you want to trade with other stamp collectors.

Consult Stamp Collectors

Part of the joy of stamp collecting comes from interacting with the stamp collecting community. To expand your stamp collection, consult with other collectors. They may have the stamps you want, and you may be able to trade or buy them. If the collectors do not have your desired stamps, they may have some information about other collectors and stamp traders who will carry the stamps you want.

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