A Look at the American Eagle Coin Program

When looking for coins to add to a collection, look to the United States’ American Eagle Coin Program. This program has been in effect for 30 years, and it produces popular gold and silver bullion coins for collectors.

American Gold Eagle Coins

The official gold bullion coin of the United States is the American Gold Eagle. It has been in circulation since 1986. Due to its gold content of 22 kt, the value of these coins is often reflective of the current price of gold, rather than a designated face value. It has the obverse design of Lady Liberty as she walks toward the viewer; this design was created by Augustus Saint-Gaudens and first appeared on a United States’ gold piece in 1907. The reverse design shows a large eagle as it carries an olive branch to a female eagle and her hatchlings.

American Silver Eagle Coins

The United States’ official silver bullion coin is known as the American Silver Eagle. It was released along with the American Gold Eagle coin in 1986. Though it has a face value of $1, the American Silver Eagle can fluctuate in intrinsic value based upon the silver content. Coin collectors are advised to consult a reference book before purchasing one of these coins. The obverse design is of the “Walking Liberty” by Adolph A. Weinman, which had first been used on a half dollar in 1916. The reverse design features an eagle placed behind a shield with thirteen stars above it to represent the Thirteen Colonies.

American Eagle Coins for Collectors

The United States Mint produces specific versions of these bullion coins for collectors. These proofs go through a distinct minting process and are then placed in presentation cases with a Certificate of Authenticity. Collectors may also have the option to purchase Uncirculated American Eagle Coins, as well.

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