Up Close with the World's Rarest Stamps

When you are a philatelist, also known as a collector of stamps, you are always on the lookout for rare and special stamps. Some on your list might include the following stamps, which have gained fame throughout history for various reasons, including printing errors, destruction, and misprints. Continue reading to learn more about some of the world’s rarest stamps.

Hawaiian Missionaries

These rare stamps were issued by the former Kingdom of Hawaii in 1851. They received their name due to being found on missionaries’ correspondence. There were three different denominations of stamps: 2, 5, and 13 cents. The 2-cent stamp has become the rarest of the three versions. Reportedly, there are only 15 in existence.

Black Empress of Canada

The Black Empress of Canada, also known as the Canada 12-pence Black, was created in 1851. With the profile of Queen Victoria on it, over 55,000 stamps were printed. By 1857, only a small number had been sold, so the rest were destroyed. Now, there are reportedly about 100 of these stamps still in existence.

Post Office

Printed by the British colony Mauritius in 1847, this stamp was nicknamed Post Office due to words printed on the stamp itself. It featured the profile of Queen Victoria over an orange or dark blue background, depending on the value. There are believed to only be 26 stamps left in existence.

Treskilling Yellow

There is only one known Treskilling Yellow stamp in existence, and it was discovered in 1886. It was later sold at auction for over $2 million in 1996. The Treskilling Yellow was issued in Sweden in 1855, and became famous due to a printing error. The run of three-skilling (Sweden’s former coin denomination) stamps were supposed to be colored in blue-green. Some were printed in yellow, making them collectibles.

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