What Is the Professional Coin Grading Service?

The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) is a well-respected third-party certification organization in the coin industry. PCGS is made of leading coin experts, also known as numismatists, who determine the grade and value of coins from all over the world. Let’s learn more about PCGS by reading below.

How PCGS Began

Officially, PCGS opened its doors to coin buyers on February 3, 1986. Unofficially, a collection of rare coin experts joined together in 1985 to begin addressing certain issues with coin standards. PCGS took the then-current standards of coin grading—also known as the Sheldon Scale after Dr. William Sheldon—and greatly improved upon them. In addition to improved grading standards, PCGS also seals and authenticates each coin that is graded with a guarantee. Due to its high practicing standards, PCGS is considered an exceptional third-party grader within the coin industry.

What PCGS Includes

A coin sent to PCGS will be appraised by experienced and knowledgeable numismatic experts. Independent determinations are collected and a final grade will be assigned, which will help coin specialists, collectors, and dealers to determine the correct value. PCGS also has an online price guide, coin fact resources, and a respected trading network. In addition to these helpful amenities, PCGS will encapsulate all graded coins in a secure holder to keep them protected and free of tampering.

What PCGS Guarantees

The PCGS guarantee helps protect buyers and sellers from mis-graded or fraudulent coins. If a buyer or seller believes that a coin has been overgraded or undergraded, then he can submit a “Guarantee Resubmission” and follow the appropriate procedures. If the coin specialists of PCGS find the coin is fraudulent or inaccurately graded, then PCGS will work with the coin owner to pay the current market value or the difference between the current and newly-established value.

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