Blog Posts in August, 2017

How Can I Find Out What My Stamps Are Worth?

Like other collectibles, stamps can be difficult to appraise, especially if you don’t have much experience with them. If you’ve recently inherited a collection, consider talking to a rare ...
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Fun and Interesting Facts About Money

The desire for more money is what most people think of when considering paper money, but cash actually has a fascinating secret life. You probably already know that your paper money isn’t paper, ...
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Factors That Influence a Coin's Value

When you get started collecting coins, you’ll quickly find that a coin’s price and its value are 2 different things. The price is its retail price, or how much you’ll pay to purchase ...
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Where Should I Begin Looking for Stamps?

You can find stamps through several different avenues, such as your own mailbox, the local hobby shop, and local stamp clubs. These resources can help you build your collection with new and different ...
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Caring for Your Paper Money Collection

Caring for paper money is very similar to caring for collectible coins and stamps. You must have the right supplies—like acid-free holders and soft gloves—to preserve the collectibles and ...
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