What Type of Coin Collector Are You?

Coin collector types are those who steer their collections toward a specific goal or type of coin. The type of coin collector you are is determined by whether you choose coins based on their history, value, or errors. Continue reading to learn more about your coin collecting type.

Type Collector

If you prefer an example of every coin design, metal, and denomination from a specific time period, then you are considered a type collector. These coin collectors look for a certain time, such as the 1990s, and collect 1 example of every type of coin created during that period. These would include coins from other countries, as well.

Error Collector

Error coins are coins that have been struck twice, partially struck, not struck at all, or have other types of errors. Error coin collectors seek these coins because of their imperfections, which make them special in the coin collecting world.

Bullion Collector

Bullion coins are a great investment, so many coin collectors center their collections around these silver, gold, and platinum coins. If you collect for the investment, then you are likely a bullion coin collector. This type of collecting requires research and careful attention to ensure bullion value has not fluctuated.

Topical Collector

Topical coin collectors usually collect coins to match their own interests. For example, bird lovers may collect American and foreign coins depicting birds from around the world. There are many other topics that collectors can base their coin collection around, such as famous figures and sports.

Rare Collector

If you look for coins that are hard to find or only have a handful in existence, then you are a rare coins collector. Rare coins can be found all over the world in high-stakes auction houses and local coin shops, if you are willing to do the research.

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