A Coin Collecting Guide for New Hobbyists

Beginning a coin collection for the first time is exciting and ultimately a rewarding experience. However, you must know the basics—such as proper coin terms and collecting supplies—to ensure your new hobby is a lifelong success. Here is a quick guide to coin collecting for a new hobbyist:

Learn Coin Basics

The foundation of a good collection begins with understanding the details of what you collect. For example, you should know the basic anatomy and terms of coins when you begin a serious coin collection. The anatomy of a coin will include the different edges of a coin, which could be a plain, reeded, lettered, or decorated edge. Anatomy also refers to the obverse, or heads, and reverse, or tails, side of a coin. Other basic coin terms may will include numismatics, mint, and strike. It is important to understand or have a glossary of all these terms.

Determine Coin Types

Understanding different coin types often refers to the type of coin you wish to collect. A coin’s country, mint mark, metal, and subject are a few different types that may help you form your collection. Coin specialists recommend deciding on a coin type early on, because it can help guide your collecting efforts and prevent you from wasting time on coins that are uninteresting to you.

Purchase Coin Supplies

There are many supplies that you will need to keep your collectible coins protected and ready for display. Your local hobby shop should carry the basics, such as coin envelopes, slotted books, and soft handling materials. It is important to purchase these supplies early on in your collecting efforts. You are less likely to make amateur mistakes, and you can better preserve the beginnings of your collection.

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