Exploring Types of Diamonds

Jewelers and gemologists have different classifications for certain diamonds. Natural, treated, manmade, and natural fancy color are the accepted terms that everyday consumers will likely hear when purchasing and researching diamonds. It is important to understand these different types, because consumers can make informed decisions about diamonds and jewelry they choose to purchase. Here is a better look at the four types of diamonds:


Natural diamonds are one of the most common and recognizable gemstones. These diamonds are white and colorless. The clarity is what will likely change the look and value of a natural diamond. For example, a rare, flawless diamond will have no inclusions or defects. An included diamond will have defects that are visible even to the naked eye.


Treated diamonds are mined the same way as natural diamonds. However, gemologists treat the diamonds to enhance or manipulate the inclusions and flaws to create a better-looking stone. There are many ways to treat a diamond, such as using a special material that is injected into an inclusion or enhancing the stone’s color.


Many gemstones are now made in laboratories, and diamonds are no exception. These gemstones have the same makeup as their natural counterparts, but they are typically less expensive. Manmade gemstones often cannot be distinguished from natural or treated gemstones unless they are examined by a trained gemologist or jeweler.

Natural Fancy Color

Natural fancy colored diamonds are the rarest diamonds to find. These diamonds are mined naturally and they are not artificially colored in any way. Natural colored diamonds can come in a variety of colors, including pink, yellow, blue, red, green, and black. Natural black diamonds are among the rarest and most expensive diamonds in the world. However, treated black diamonds are often blacked out to cover several inclusions, and these will likely be less expensive.

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