Remember These Tips When Getting Your Coins Appraised

Whether you are getting your coins appraised for insurance reasons or for a future sale, there are a few tips to ensure you get the best price. Researching your coin collection and your coin dealer are the most important factors to a great appraisal. Read on for more helpful tips.

Tip #1: Research Your Coin Collection

The key to selling a high-quality coin collection is your research. If you see a coin dealer without any knowledge about the coins you have collected, then you risk losing a lot of money in missed sales. You may also gain a reputation as a coin collector who does not know his own product. Research each coin in your collection—through books and the internet, for example—to learn as much about the history of the coin and its sales history as you can. Having this knowledge on hand will help you receive a fair appraisal.

Tip #2: Separate Your Coin Collection

Separate your coins so that the highest-quality coins are together. Your entire collection will still be appraised, but separating high-quality and high-appeal coins from those that are not appealing will save you and the coin dealer sometime. The coins that do not have high values, because they have been damaged or cleaned, should be separate from the rest. You may also wish to gather your coins by rarity, value, and type.

Tip #3: Choose a Reputable Coin Dealer

A well-known coin dealer with a good reputation will ensure that you receive the best appraisal for your coin collection. This coin dealer should have a lot of experience and the necessary resources to correctly appraise your coin collection. Ask different collectors for recommendations and research each dealer before making your appointment. You may wish to get a second opinion, so do not discount all recommendations.

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