How Are Stamps Valued?

Collectable stamps are valued in several different ways. Centering, condition, and cancellation status play a crucial role in a stamp’s grading and value. It is important to understand how stamps are graded and valued to determine the right asking price for a rare or collectable stamp. Read on to see how stamps are valued.

Based on the Centering

Centering is considered one of the most important factors in stamp valuation. Centering refers to how well the stamp’s design is centered from the perforation holes that are located on all four sides. If a stamp is not perforated, then the design is measured to the edge of all four sides. The basis of a stamp’s value begins with centering, so it is very important to find a well-centered stamp.

Based on the Condition

The condition of a stamp refers to its grade, usually given by the Philatelic Foundation. The grade or condition may be described as fair, average, good, fine, and up to extremely fine. These grades are given based on the stamp’s appearance. If there are creases, stains, or defects, then the value will go down.

Based on the Cancellation Status

Cancellation marks will play a factor in a stamp’s value. If the cancellation mark completely covers the design or is very dark, then it will be placed at a low value. Stamps without a cancellation mark or a very light mark will have a higher value.

Based on the Market

Monetary values are usually considered subjective and based on a stamp’s rarity and the market for collectables. The grading of a stamp is often objective and will lend itself to a stamp’s value, but the monetary value is ultimately between the seller and collector.

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