What Characteristics Improve the Value of a Stamp?

Stamp collecting has been a popular hobby since the 19 th century, and its valuating techniques have undergone changes over the years with updates in technology. Centering, perforation marks, and postmarks all influence the value of a stamp, so it is important to understand more about these specific characteristics. Let’s take a closer look below.

Precise Perforations

Perforations form the edges of a stamp, and they are where each stamp can be separated from its sheet. The quality of the perforation can significantly impact the price of a collectible stamp. The entire edge of perforations should be completely intact, without any defects, and they should be even on all four sides.

Proper Centering

Centering is one of the most important factors for determining the value of any stamp, but it can be even more vital to valuing an older or rare stamp. A collector will use precise tools to measure the evenness of the central design. If it is badly off-center or crooked, then the item will likely lose a lot of value. Older stamps with exceptional centering can fetch a great price, because the printing methods and machines were typically imprecise and left stamp designs off-center.

Unobtrusive Postmarks

If a stamp was used, then it should be absent of the postmark given by the postal office. However, some collectors will overlook a postmark if it is very faint. This type of valuation can be subjective based on the collector’s preferences, but it is always best to find a stamp without any type of postmark to ensure its value remains intact.

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