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Use This App to Catalog Your Stamp Collection

The new world of technology has opened up a variety of possibilities for collectors of all kinds. United States Stamp Catalog is the premier smartphone app to aid in your stamp collecting. Whether ...
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Why is Gold So Valuable?

Chemically speaking, gold is rather uninteresting. And yet, of all the elements in the periodic table, humans have placed incredible value on gold. Why is gold so valuable? Funny enough, the fact that ...
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Tips for Insuring Your Rare Collectibles

Lots of people have stuff they consider treasures, but not many have collectibles that are actually worth a great sum of money. Collectibles come in all shapes and sizes, and depending on the age, ...
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Where to Start When It Comes to Stamp Collecting

Stamp collecting is both a fun hobby and a valuable investment in your future. Collectible stamps and rare stamps are often worth quite a bit of money if you can find the right buyer. Here is a simple ...
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Defining Characteristics of Confederate Stamps

On February 21, 1861, a Confederate post office system was instituted in the Southern United States. By June 1, the Confederate postal system would take over the collection and delivery of mail, as ...
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A Look at the Most Valuable Stamps in the World

If you’ve been collecting rare stamps in Rockville, Md., for years, you might possess a valuable piece. As you look through your albums of collectible stamps, consider whether their stories are ...
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What Factors Make a Coin Collectible?

Coin collecting is more than a hobby for most collectors; it’s an important part of their lives as amateur historians. If you are researching collectible coins in Rockville, Md., start with a ...
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Understanding Diamond Carats

A big, shiny diamond is enough to make for a bright New Year, but clarity and width aren’t the most important measures of a stone’s worth. When you are assessing the value of your jewelry ...
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Tips for Preserving Your Valuable Stamp Collection

Whether you’ve recently inherited a stamp collection, are just starting out, or have been collecting your entire life, it’s important that you know how to preserve your collection. After ...
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Types of Stamps to Consider for Your Collection

Investing in stamps is certainly less volatile than investing in the stock market, but it still requires a great deal of research if you want to have a collection of any real value. If your intention ...
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Take a Look at the Famed Pogue Collection

The Pogue Collection is by all accounts the most valuable rare coin collection ever sold at auction, and is one of the single greatest coin collections ever assembled. Comprised entirely of early ...
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Answering Questions about Collecting Paper Money

Paper money collecting is a great hobby for anyone interested in the history of U.S. and worldwide currency, or anyone interested in picking up a hobby that can lead to significant financial returns. ...
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What Beginners Need to Know About Building a Stamp Collection

Collecting stamps can be a wonderfully fulfilling hobby, especially if you’re looking for a hobby that has the potential to be very lucrative. Although most people collect stamps to feed an ...
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Finding the Value of Autographed Items

There have been some very important figures in history whose very signature alone is enough to generate thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction or in the private market. If you ...
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Things to Look for When Choosing a Diamond

Diamonds are among the most precious jewels in the world, and for good reason. Few pieces of jewelry shimmer, sparkle, and shine like a diamond engagement ring or diamond necklace. Diamonds also make ...
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Coin Identification Tips

When you are investing in rare coins near Rockville, MD, it is important for you to be sure that you are getting genuine coins and not replicas. In order to help you identify genuine coins, here are ...
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