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See the Rare Aluminum Penny That's Worth Millions!

If you were given a sandwich bag full of coins, would you think any of them would be very valuable? You might be hopeful that a few of them could fetch a couple hundred dollars, but would you believe ...
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A Look at Silver Dollar Designs from Throughout American History

If you’re interested in coin collecting, you probably enjoy hearing about the history of rare coins and collectible coins. The first silver dollar coins were struck in the United States in 1794, ...
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What Factors Make a Coin Collectible?

Coin collecting is more than a hobby for most collectors; it’s an important part of their lives as amateur historians. If you are researching collectible coins in Rockville, Md., start with a ...
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Answering Questions about Collecting Paper Money

Paper money collecting is a great hobby for anyone interested in the history of U.S. and worldwide currency, or anyone interested in picking up a hobby that can lead to significant financial returns. ...
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