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Outstanding Service Since 1974

The Washington, DC metro region is one of the most competitive areas for buying and selling precious metals in the nation. Coins of the Realm has participated at a high level for decades. As a customer, you benefit by receiving high offers when selling to us and low premiums when buying. In addition, the state of Maryland has exempted retail sales of precious metals and coins in excess of $1,000 from sales tax. You can purchase any combination of metals and coins without paying 6% sales tax if your total invoice is over $1,000. No shipping. No hassle.

Get the Maximum Value Possible

When it comes to gold bars and gold bullion, we at Coins of the Realm know our stuff. Out of all the gold dealers in Rockville, we have the best rates for both buying and selling. We’ve built a spotless reputation based on our honesty and accuracy, so trust that you’ll never get ripped off when you bring your gold bars or gold bullion to our shop. We will always buy gold at fair prices so you’ll have that extra bit of money to pay your bills.

Trading in all Sorts of Precious Metal

As a well-established seller and buyer of gold, we at Coins of the Realm are the dealer of precious metals Rockville, MD trusts most. Our primary goal as a gold dealer is to offer you a wide selection of items to add to your collection and great rates for any type of valuable you wish to sell for cash. Some of the items we buy and sell include:

  • 40% and 90% silver bags
  • Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium
  • 1 oz., 10 oz., 100 oz., 1000 oz., and kilo bars.
  • 9K, 10K, 14K, dental, 18K, 22K, and 24K jewelry
  • Sterling Silver—flatware, hollowware, ingots, medals
  • All United States and worldwide coins (Eagles, Maple Leafs, Krugerrands, Philharmonics, Sovereigns, Etc.)

We also check the current price for every transaction by using live metal quotes off our computers. No second-guessing or estimates in these fast moving markets. Call us today at (301) 340-1640 with any questions regarding buying or selling.

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Why Choose Coins of the Realm, Inc.?

  • Free storefront parking providing easy access.
  • Established in 1974 and still under original ownership and management providing decades of expertise in all aspects of buying and selling.
  • Financial Security – Since opening in April of 1974 every transaction of every size has been completed successfully without issue. Bank references available.
  • We provide accurate information in a professional no pressure environment allowing you to make sound decisions to sell, keep or buy collectibles and precious metals.