Verbal Appraisal
Sometimes you just need to know what something is worth. With our verbal appraisal service we will tell you what we would pay for a coin, stamp, bullion, paper money, or jewelery collection. Normally this can be done Free of Charge, but in some cases of excessive time being necessary charges may apply.
10% Solution
For Major coin and currency collections we can offer our 10% solution, an alternative to the high fees of auction companies that can be up to 35%. Using our extensive experience we will evaluate the materials and offer a guaranteed minimum price, along with a substantial prepayment. Then we will disperse the collection through our retail store, regional shows, and business partners. After dispersment you will reciece 90% of what the collection sells for, or the guaranteed minimum, whichever is higher. Some grading and appraisal fees may apply.
Estate Appraisal
In some cases a legal appraisal is needed to settle an estate, and we are here to help. We can provide a written appraisal for coin, paper money, and bullion collections to help meet legal obligations that can arise. We offer hourly rates for in store or on site appraisals.
In store estate appraisals are $95 per hour
On site estate appraisals are $150 per hour including travel time
Insurance Appraisal
Protecting your valuable assets. Most insurance companies require an appraisal for items to be covered in the case of the unforseen. We have hourly rates for in store and on site insurance appraisals to make sure that you get the proper replacement value for your Coins, Bullion, and Paper Money.
In store insurance appraisals are $150 per hour.
On site insurance appraisals are $195 per hour including travel time